Shine Box Comedy Show

Shine Box Comedy Show is a monthly show at historic Neir's Tavern in Woodhaven, Queens, featuring a variety of hilarious stand-up comics from all over the country.

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Shine Box Veterans

Anthony DeVito
Auggie Lutz
Ben Wasserman
Bob Palos
Brandon Sager
Carlos Delgado
Carmen Lagala
Carolyn Castiglia
Charlie Kasov
Chelsea Taylor
Clark Jones
Courtney Maginnis
Daniel J. Perafan
Diego Lopez
Eli Sairs
Emily Winter
Gabe Pacheco
Guitler Raphael
Hannah Boone
Irene Hartmann
James Creelman
John Field
Jordan Temple
Kaytlin Bailey
Kenny DeForest
Liz Glazer
Liz Miele
Lucas Connolly
Maria Heinegg
Matt Levy
Matt Maragno
Maurice Licorish
Mike Brown
Momoh Pujeh
Neruda Williams
Owen Straw
Patrick Hastie
Perry Strong
Richie Tolway
Rojo Perez
Ronnie Fleming
Rudy Stantz
Sean McCarthy
Taylor Clark
Tito Garza
Wanjiko Eke
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